Here at 215 Upcycled, we sustainably source one of a kind garments destined for the landfill. Each piece is ethically reworked by creator Isabella Dahrouch with intention. We are dedicated to promoting sustainable fashion through weekly website drops, fashion inspiration, and creating a community of eco friendly consumers. 

As 215 Upcycled grows, it will be able to invest in practices that will allow 215 Upcycled to be 100% sustainable. All of our resources are sustainable, with the exception of thread, hardware, and packaging slips.

215 Upcycled's items are reworked pieces that are sourced with intention. Fabric scraps are saved and reused for different, personal projects that I hope to bring to 215 Upcycled's product line. Each item sold is sent in 100% compostable packaging with little to no packaging waste inside.